Crescent City Homebrewers Pig Roast and Swap Meet
Deutsches Haus
Metairie, LA
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Crescent City Homebrewers Pig Roast and Swap Meet
Hello Fellow Homebrewers and Beer Lovers,

I am proud to announce the first Fermentation Followers Flea Market and Pig Roast.  My hope is that it will become an annual event that travels along the Gulf Coast, hosted by a different homebrew club every year until a repeating circuit is established.  Remember the Gulf Coast Competiton Circuit?  The goal is to bring brewers and wine makers and cheese and kimchee makers and anyone else who ferments  together to buy, sell, or trade gear that we no longer use, want, or need.  This will allow new brewers to acquire equipment at bargain prices, and more experienced brewers to upgrade, as well as move good equipment down the line.
Crescent City Homebrewers is proud to present the inaugural event!  We are not conducting a fund raiser.  The ticket price will cover the costs of conducting the event without making a profit.   The $20 entry fee will include:
Table space to display your gear, crafts, tchotchkes, t-shirts, yada, yada, yada
Staff to run the facility, including a bartender and a cashier to make change.
Serviceware, plates, lots of napkins, cups, cutlery, tickets, wristbands.
FOOD!  The menu:
Roast Smoked Pig (whole)
If there is sufficient interest, we will sacrifice a goat as well.
Barbeque sauces, five or six at least.  
 This would make a terrific competition!  If you are interested, please notify me and provide one gallon of your secret sauce.  CCH will provide 2 ounce serving cups. Guests will judge.
Sandwich rolls.
An assortment of sides to be announced.
Contenders are baked beans, coleslaw, Winterfest potato salad
Desserts?  Yet to be decided.

Commercial Beer.  Since we cannot ask for donations, we will purchase a keg or two     depending on attendance.   Beer will be available at the bar for purchase also.
Homebrew.  Donations are encouraged, appreciated, and welcomed.

We will have two other things going on that day.

Hop Swap - We will have the comparison tasting of our Hop Swap brews.  Whoever wants to participate can.  Brewers will purchase a kit with the same grain bill and the same yeast from BREWSTOCK  and brew with different hops.  CCH brewers are working on this now.  Kyle ships. (Be sweet and give him two to three weeks to get the kit to you.)  He will also keep track of this so no hops variety is used twice.  

CCH Brew Off  No, it is not a competition.  We making a 50 gallon batch of wort in club equipment.  Ten members purchase 5 gallons each to take home and ferment as they wish.  This brew off is already sold out, so for guest, it will be a demonstration only.  You will get to see our awesome gear.

Last, TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE!  Information is in the invitation.

Please share this with your club members, friends, shops, craft breweries in your area, and anyone else you know who ferments something.

Thank you!

Carol Rice
Event Coordinator



Deutsches Haus (View)
1023 Ridgewood Dr.
Metairie, LA 70119
United States



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